Where I Stand
By: Erin
So far in the course of my life
I have stood for many things
These things have often caused me harm and strife
Hurt too, terrible pain, and those harmful things that always sting
My mind would always say:
I should
I would
I could
The truth is….
This is where I stood:
On a mountain of shame and guilt
That I myself built
In an ocean of depression and doubt
Where I stayed silent then acted out
Below a cloud of anger and fear
Words of comfort and hope I could never hear
But today that has begun to slowly change
One foot in front of the other
I move from that dark place to brighter other
That is where I stood
This is where I stand
Here with you
Struggling my way through
Making the decision to do what is hard but right
So that my life may reflect light
Holding on when I want to let go
Knowing it’s okay if I go slow
Walking with others who choose to fight for light too
For what seems impossible for one is possible for a few
So this is where I stand
Fighting my own darkness
Fighting for light
And from where I stand you must know
We WILL be alright
This is where I stand
You choose where you want to be
My hope is that you will see
When it comes to mental illness, strain and strife
The only choice is to stand for life