When it comes to treatment my attitude for a long while was “Let’s get this done.” or “Let me check this off my list.”

I pushed myself through partial programs (trying to get back to classes).
I fought my way out of inpatient (one time)
I continually inquired about finishing up a group.

…. but I’ve learned something.

When it comes to recovery, speed has very little to do with it. In fact I’ve realized that these skills, tools, coping strategies, and supports are things I will need not just for today, or for the next few weeks – these are the things that keep me healthy, keep me in recovery….. and I will need them forever.

It takes perseverance, commitment, and determination.

Today I stand for perseverance.
Because sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it anymore….. but I have to do it anyway.

Let’s keep going. Let’s persevere.