Life is full of uncertainties. It’s full of fears. Life is spontaneity and is constantly changing.

And it’s easy to forget: You are Enough.

I forgot this these past three days it seems, as I have been hiding in my room, questioning what and why I am doing what I am doing – and tonight as I sat soaking in the warm tub with candles lit around me, I breathed deeply, praying to God to remind me of who I am aside from who I think I should be, aside from where I think I should be in my life, and aside from who I want to be.

And I was reminded…. I am Enough. – just like this.

Because the truth is: I am Enough. Just as I am, with my past, my present, and whatever my future may hold. I am Enough.

And you are too.

It’s simple truths like these that keep us healthy, and remind us what we want to be.

I Stand for the truth that we are Enough.