In a would filled with “shoulds” “woulds” and “coulds” it can be really hard to figure out the “I dos” “I ams” and what is true for you.

I know I struggle with that on a daily basis. I strive to be who I believe I should be, and forget who I am. I spend so much of my energy on the the ideas about what my life would be if I was better or smarter or prettier. Before I know I forget how grateful I am for the people I have, the experiences and opportunities I’ve been given – and for what I can do today where I am – the way am. It’s hard not to live in the past or in the tomorrow. It’s hard to make this moment the best moment it can be. But what else do we have really?

So today I do art, I do school, I do advocacy.
Today I am a writer, I am creative, I am a sister.
Today It is true that I am doing the best that I can.

I Stand for doing what you do.