I fall a lot. Everyone does – but it still sucks. Sometimes the holes we fall into make sense and other times we trip over our own two feet – simply because we are moving to fast.

Life is so hard and so messy. Life hurts (like hell). Life is terrifying. Life is filled with bumps and bruises, sometimes even broken bones.

And when we get beat up time and time again its so easy to ask ourselves what is the point? When we keep falling, or tripping, or getting seemly more broken It’s so easy to ask – okay why not just stay down this time? Why should I get up again?

Get up because you’re not alone. Life is hard for everyone – not just you – and we’re all just figuring our way out.

Get up because you’re different. You may struggle to see that difference, but it’s true. No two people are the same and every single person has something beautiful to give to this world. I’ve been most encouraged, and most inspired by people who had fallen and were fighting to get up. They didn’t have it all together – after all we will never have it all together.

Get up because if you don’t try you will never know what would have happened if you did. Life is a risk. Living is a risk. Loving is a risk. But take it – because at the end of the day, if you don’t – not only will you miss out on so much – but so many people will miss out on the opportunity to know you.

I Stand for getting up, because even the best fall down sometimes.