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I had a meeting with my advisor for Active Minds today — she’s also just a really good support in my life, and it felt good to just talk and talk (no matter if it was making sense). Sometimes when we make our goal to bring light into the world – for ourselves and others – we get exhausted.

I get worn down a lot by the idea that I need to fix everything for everyone.

I also have a tendency to believe that I need to make everything perfect.

But those things are not possible.

Today I focused on some of my skills that keep me healthy which included very basic things like getting outside, eating a good meal, and organizing what I need to do. I hope tomorrow is easier for me, or that maybe my head just feels ‘more in the game’. But today I stand for supports, reaching out and asking for help – because that conversation with my advisor was just what I needed.


Grab a friend and grab some tea, or coffee or a coke and let it allllll out. There is so much hope in support.