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Today is a better day. I woke up at a normal hour, made it to class and have plans to get stuff done! (sshhhh don’t scare it away though!)

Are you ever afraid that in the midst of a good day it’s going turn south quickly? I know I do. I think because it has in the past before. But the best I can do, the best we all can do is live in the moment (and that happens to be something I’m really bad at).

I’m a pro at living in the past and in the future – but let’s be honest the moment is where it all happens. And if we miss the moment – we miss everything.

Here’s what I do to help me stay in the moment:

1. Pay attention to what I smell. This sounds funny but by doing that it helps me pay attention to my surroundings.

2. Ask myself: “What am I thankful for right now in this moment?”

3. Get outside – notice the weather. It’s beautiful in the details – we just have to pay attention.

What might help you stay in the moment? Maybe some of mine, maybe something different – nevertheless remember – life happens in the moment.

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