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Numbers have ruled my life for as long as I can remember. But I know I’m not the only one.

Number of pounds on the scale, Percentage scored on a test, The size on the tag in my clothes, The number of friends you have on Facebook, The number of dollars in your bank account, Number of races you have one, The time it took you to do x, y or z., The scale you’re given by that guy to define your beauty, The number of people who write happy birthday on your Facebook Wall, Your class rank, The number of people in your family.

But let me ask you – how do you quantify what you mean to your son or daughter, what price do you put on your ability to think critically? How many pounds lost is worth losing your sanity? How many dollars do you need to feel happy? How fast is fast enough? How many facebook friends mean you’re worthy? 

And what happens to you or me when that all changes? Do you crumble? Do you stop breathing? Do we panic?

Numbers are constant – people are not. We are forever changing, morphing into who we are and who we are to be. No number can define you, and no number can define me. It’s a constraint we put on our own lives to hold us down the ground when in fact there is no number that equals profound and you, me, we are profound.

We breathe in and out, we love and we hate, we listen and we learn we give and we take, we grow and we shrink and we feel and we need, we have passions and possibility. 

There is no power in the numbers we live our lives by because you are you and I am I – there is no measure of how to do it better.


Let’s take the power from the numbers – and bring it back to us, who really hold it.