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Okay – I admit it, I have anxiety. Is it funny that I never thought this was the case? I considered myself motivated, driven, sometimes controlling, mayyybbbeee demanding (more of myself than others) etc.

Depression okay – Eating Disorder okay – mood disorder okay – But anxiety…. wait a second?

But breathing isn’t optional. And when breathing is hard sometimes because of reasons you can’t identify anxiety may be a problem. Okay fine – I have anxiety – I said it – and now that I did, I’m dealing with it.

It’s funny, people have told me I have it before but I wrote it off – what was anxiety supposed to feel like anyway? I understand the black hole of depression (I’ve lived there) but it occurred to me today that my anxiety didn’t ever really jump out at me before as it has more recently because as my unhealthy coping mechanisms have diminished – the anxiety that I used to try to cover up with them rose right to the surface.

Anxiety happens – but breathing is NOT optional. Get help if you need it. I did.