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Sometimes it’s easier to not sleep. I find myself up some nights because of thoughts, anxiety, or sometimes I just have work to do. There are evenings when I want to be a care-free 22 year old and stay out with my friends. The truth is though, that sleep keeps me going – and I need more sleep than most people. This is probably because of the medication that I take, and the energy that I put into treatment, and also just how my brain works. But the second that I decide to take hours from that much needed rest for my brain, my recovery starts to shake. I have a harder time making healthy decisions, I feel less ready to do the work I need to to keep myself healthy during the day, my anxiety and depression rise, and my ability to function at my best decreases. So, Right now, as I get ready for bed, I stand for sleep – because sometimes it is so tempting to stay awake! Sometimes it sucks that I need to go to bed, and sometimes my brain fights my efforts to calm down during my nightly routine. But regardless sleep keeps me going, keeps me healthy, and keeps in in recovery.

  • Find out how many hours of sleep help you function best.
  • Create a nightly routine to help yourself get all the rest that you need.
  • Put your health on your priority list.