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So Much is Changing

By: Erin

People are Moving

Goals are being Achieved

Passions are being Pursued

So Much is changing

It’s easy to be scared

Cry over past moments shared

Convince yourself you are not prepared

For what is to come

It is easy to revert to what is old

For me those are patterns of what once was controlled

Desperately trying to fit some mold

Or warm my heart from the depressed cold

But I am not old; I am new

So much is changing; it is true I am too

I am scared yes, but exhilarated at this new view

There is so much I have loved, and for that I thank you

It’s incredible to look change in the face, and know you can do it, get through

The possibilities don’t end – there is so much to pursue

People are moving

Goals are being achieved

Passions are being pursued

So Much Is Changing

Look at this beautiful view

Seniors. Best Friends. View from the Top.

Seniors. Best Friends. View from the Top.