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Hanging On
By: Erin
I feel lost today
In every single way
Not sure where I am headed
Or even where I want to go
Sometimes it seems impossible to know
Which is the direction I should choose
Everyone says something different – I am confused
This makes me crave control
And fosters the desire to burry myself in a hole
My thoughts unwanted creep into my head
I remember all the horrible things everyone has said
The dark clouds move in and I retreat inside
Thinking to myself “oh well, I tried”
Suddenly my hips seem grow
I forget the how to use the word “no”
Anger fills my heart
I want to rip my body apart
The tears fall faster than ever before
And I don’t want to live anymore
But just when it seems impossible to hang on
I peak out from my hole and realize what has come
It is dawn
The clouds have broken, and sunlight has come through
My hips returned to their size that is true
My heart is again filled with love, hope and joy
I am thankful it was not my body that I did destroy
My tears had stopped after seeing the light
And desiring my life after realizing it will be alright
I feel lost and other difficult things some days
And I often react in many ways
I’m struggling to learn ways to manage and cope
But after a storm there is always hope
It is dawn
It always comes…hang on
In times of trial and stress remember what you stand for.

In times of trial and stress remember what you stand for.