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Stigma to Shame

By: Erin Casey


Stigma: a symbol of disgrace or infamy


All around we are stigmatized

For our

Mental Illness, economic state, or body size

It is human nature to take people and categorize

It does not matter if these are based on half truths or complete lies

And people often miss that it creates shame behind our eyes


Shame: a state of dishonor


Within ourselves daily we are embarrassed and feel shame

This helps us go nowhere but to more of the same

Scared to reach out and ask for a hand

The decision to stay seated instead of take a stand


The movement from stigma to shame is ugly at best

And I think it’s about time it was addressed

The only way this will play out

Is if we stop being silent and stand up and shout

“I am not perfect, but neither are you”

“We all have our issues and that is okay too”

“I am working to not feel this embarrassment and shame”

“Because my Mental illness, economic state or body size has nothing to do with my name”



Finally before the excitement ends

I want you to remember that life is easier with more friends

So before your brain, or my brain too puts someone in a category or a few

Think about the journey to come, and how they may be good company as we push our way through