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I’ve been thinking a lot about evangelism lately.  Spreading Christ, and as Christians how we’re “supposed” to do that. I quickly revert back to memories of being “invited” away to go knock on doors and feeling terribly uncomfortable.  I think think back to how terribly uncomfortable the people on the receiving side of that trip must have felt.


I think the biggest mistake the people make when attempting to “Evangelize” is that they interject themselves in the process. I could be wrong, but to my understanding we’re called to let the holy spirit work through us – not jump on in and insert a little bit of ourselves into the process. When has there been a time in the Bible when humans inserted themselves and what they thought was best and it didn’t end horribly?

Now, let me tell you about the most beautiful example of God working through a friend in my life. To me – Evangelism at it’s finest.

I want you to meet my friend Alicia. Alicia and I met during our freshman here of college in an international relations class. I didn’t know her, but shortly after sitting next to her I knew we would be friends. I grew up in the Catholic Church, and consider myself Catholic today, but for most of my life I’ve been so sick that it’s been difficult for me to really figure out who God is in my life.

Well, the first time I had lunch with Alicia I knew she was a Christian. Not because she told me but she told me about a verse she read that morning. She didn’t awkwardly ask me if I was a Christian but in our conversation she said something like “I read this verse this morning….. and really liked it, something you said reminded me of it.” She shared it with me and then we moved on.

A few days later I invited Alicia to hang out; and she was planning on attending a Christian fellowship gathering later that night, and asked me to come along. We hung out after and talked.

What spoke to me were not the words that came out of Alicia’s mouth. But the way in which Jesus was so obviously connected to her heart and the how Holy Spirit was flowing out from her into everything she did. She never asked me a question that made me feel awkward. She never made me feel “less christian” than her. She simple radiated the life of Christ. And that made me want to know more about God more than anything in the world.

I saw Jesus in her. Then I read all four of the Gospels. I started going to different bible studies, and kept reading book after book, verse after verse, amazed at how loving God really is. and how that relationship I saw Alicia walking in with God – was waiting for me too.

Evangelism gets really messed up when people put themselves in the middle. We’re simply the mirror to reflect God’s light. But a mirror can’t do it’s job if it’s in the wrong place or trying to be anything other than a mirror.