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I hope everyone’s Saturday has been well! I hope you are feeling well! Today has been a bit of a blah day for me. I’ll have my DBT skill of the day up in a bit, but for now I would like to show you some updates I’ve been working on for the blog!

Remember that you are loved!

Check out what is new on where I Stand:

1. https://whereistandblog.wordpress.com/events/speaking/   — Under the events tab, you can find more information about the mental health, motivational and inspirational speaking I do! And a form for you to fill out if you’re interested in having me come speak with your group!

2.https://whereistandblog.wordpress.com/where-i-stand-eating-disorder-benefit-october-27-2012/ — Under events also all about Where I Stand Roanoke

3.https://whereistandblog.wordpress.com/dancing-with-the-stars-of-jmu-for-suicide-prevention/ — Under events also all about JMU dancing with the stars for suicide prevention

4.https://whereistandblog.wordpress.com/events/true-beauty/ — The true beauty campaign against eating disorders that we’re beginning right here!

5.https://whereistandblog.wordpress.com/your-mental-health-plan/resources-that-are-helpful/Mental health Resources that may help you or a friend! Being prepared is a good thing!