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We Must All Know
By: Erin

Yesterday an old friend shared something hard
My heart went out to her pain and struggle
But I knew I did not understand

I have not walked this walk she’s been on
Where she has felt trampled upon
I cannot understand the exact beating her heart has endured
Or really understand the ways it’s shaped her and matured

Everyone is trying to get by in their own way
Desperately trying to get through the day

So we cannot understand the ins and outs
Of everyone’s emotions, fears, pain, and doubts
Because we cannot truly walk in their shoes
Or understand each and every bruise

But you can walk beside them as they travel
Remind them they are not alone if they fall in the gravel

If you don’t know where someone has been before
Recognize that their life, struggles and pains are different than yours

Grab their hand
Say: “You know, I don’t understand”
“But I care a lot about you”
“I want you to know and believe that is true”
“You are not alone in this storm”
“I will hug you if you need something warm”

No person will ever understand our lives in every single way
But that does not mean we’re alone each day