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“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Mondays can be really tough, well if we’re real ANY day can be really tough. Just for a second though think of one thing you can be thankful for. Maybe it’s the air that you breathe, your favorite smell, someone you love, your job, your freedom, your pet…. it can be anything. Now write it in permanet marker on the inside on your wrist. Today this is why you rejoice. Even when the crap hits the fan; you take a breath and give thanks for your something.

Growing up my life was dictated by the scale. I stepped on and off that piece of metal waiting for it to tell me if I was a good person over and over and over and over again. The thing was, it NEVER told me what I wanted it to, which was that I was worthy – but it couldn’t it was a scale, all it could give me were numbers, and my brain was going to interpret them how my disorder wanted to. I was setting myself up for failure every single time I stepped on that scale, and then cried, and did it again. Let’s stop shooting ourselves in the foot and looking to what really matters or rather who really matters: Jesus.

If we allow the world to dictate our worth, our happiness, our joy – WE are never going to find peace. Anchor your peace today in being thankful to God for a small miracle He’s delivered to you, and write it on the inside of your wrist – that way when you start to feel discouraged, angry, depressed, sad, “fat” or dark in whatever way – look at the inside of your wrist, look up to the Heavens and say “Thank You God for______”

Oh yeah…. you are enough.