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Today is the Rehearsal of Valley Dance Productions Studio in Roanoke Virginia. Last night I got a sneak peak at their last dance practice and the show is going to look great. I danced there for there my last two years of high school, and many of the girls that are now in senior company used to by in classes that I was a student assistant in!


These girls have passion and they have heart. What encourages me so much is that they dance (be it: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, street, lyrical, contemporary or pointe) with all of their heart and soul. It’s beautiful and they are beautiful because they do what they love to do without regard. They work hard and they don’t apologize for it.


They may be covered in floor burn, blisters, sweat, blood and tears but they have something to show you, and a message to send: “Do what you love, be who you are.” The Studio Owner and primary teacher/choreographer, Leslie Arthur, has a saying “Your dance friends are your best friends.” I think it’s apparent that these teens would agree. Watching them encourage, clap and cheer for each other as they master difficult moves,  perform and dance their hearts out is so powerful. They are a community.


So this post is to remind everyone to do what you do; be it dancing, singing, art, sports, writing, a skill, being a homemaker, ministry, studying a field, or whatever- just do it – and share it.


Valley Dance Productions is a hub for artistic creation, community, friendship and love, celebration, hard work, and inspiration.


Be in inspired by the ladies (and gentlemen) of VDP.


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