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Depression. Ugly. Dark. Fear. Shame. Stigma. Cold. Embarrassment. 

Those words feel so big, almost as big as the feelings they represent. I like to picture it as a dark cloud hanging over me, making the rest of my life look dingy, dirty, ugly, and dusty. That cloud takes the beauty out of my surroundings and takes the sparkle out of life. It makes it impossible to get out of bed, and sometimes physically painful to put one foot in front of the other.

Depression is a disease of the brain. And just like if you had a disease in any other organ you need help to get it functioning normally again. If you had a bad heart would you go to a doctor? What about your lung? Well, your brain is no different. It is an essential part of your body and when it is diseased, the medical world is ready to help you.

A doctor explained my illness really well to me one day: “if you had cancer, would you wait to see if it cleared up on it’s own? No, you would fight like hell to make kick it in the butt. You mental illness is physical you just can see it, because your brain is in your skull, we know it is diseased base on the symptoms.”

Don’t discredit your pain because you can’t see it. I’d be worried if you could see your brain.

Get help. YOU deserve it.

Erin and Natalie - Support