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What a beautiful moment. Find your beautiful moments.


Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Stephanie from Knoxville, Tennessee. She has struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood, as well as PTSD.

About this photo: “While my two nieces and I were driving to a specific location that I had in mind for a concept photo session, we passed an empty field that had tall grass and beautiful blue and purple flowers.  There was a light breeze that made the grass look like subtle waves on an open ocean and almost at the same time all three of us said “Ooooh!”  I pulled over and the girls went running into the field, the grass was at least 4 feet tall and in some areas even taller.  As I took the photos I couldn’t help but think of what an amazing God we have, He gives us so much beauty to enjoy, beautiful flowers on the side of the road just to…

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