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My Personal Best
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

My personal best used to look like this:
Push myself to every limit
To be perfect to the extreme
Tune out my family and friends
And to achieve the best and more
Overall I would disregard me, myself and I
To be everything I thought I should be
Without even wondering “why”

My personal best has changed or is changing today
For better or worse I’m still not sure
But this is how it looks today
And while it may not be fun, it is okay

My best involves doing something for me each day
It can be simple, fun, or chill that is up to me
Exercise is something that is good for me when I do it healthily
Sometimes I stretch, walk, swim or dance, all of which are done for me
Diet is a hard one for those who struggle with food, but very important to keep a balanced mood
I plan at the beginning of each week and strive to eat meals three times each day
Drugs or prescriptions keep me going through my sometimes long and hard days
Taking them is a necessity in each and every way
Sleep is something I cannot and will not go without
It refreshes my mind and gives me the motivation I need to move about
Spiritually or Jesus time is the last one on my list
And this is most important to me because without Him I would not exist

Sometimes this is a discouraging list to read
Sometimes others wonder what has happened to the girl I used to be
So driven and determined to complete her tasks each day
Such a leader and so organized to get things done right away
I guess it does not matter though because you see
Without changing my personal best
There is a good chance I would not be here to be me

Time will come when I will get stronger and more able to do more
But I will never again be that girl who sacrificed herself
Nope, I will not, not anymore