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Tomorrow I am meeting with with Store Manager of JC Pennies. I’m thrilled first, because I’m excited to work. Being an individual who needs something to pour her energy into – a job is always a good thing. I’m also excited because I know some people who already work there and they are good people. I also spoke with the director of Mental Health America in Roanoke this morning, which was super encouraging. Basically she was just telling me about what the Roanoke office does and it just affirmed in my how important mental health advocacy is in my heart personally; but also how important it is in communities, localities, states and national levels of government. It really get’s me fired up.

Good people make the world a better place. It’s so easy to get sucked down in life in circumstance, the daily shuffle of life than makes everything just a little grey. It’s the good people out there that give life it’s sparkle.

I’m going to tell you about my beautiful friend today. We got lunch at Chipoltle (yum right?). Well she was recently discharged from treatment for her eating disorder and is still dealing with real-world-shock-syndndrome (or what I like to call it). But it was so good to see how hard she is working! It was just evident in her eating and her demeanor and her bright complexion. She may be writing a guest post for the blog in the near future!

Seeing the beauty of someone else’s recovery is so affirming and such a testament to what God can do in the recovery process. Some days are still in the really super hard red zone for my friend, but today was better than yesterday and in the world of recovery that’s what we hope for right?

Today I Stand for Advocacy and Friendship.

Remember you are special.