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My heart broke yesterday. As one of the most inspiring and kind people in my life told me about the abuse he was suffering at his high school. Teenagers saying “Why do you exist?”, pushing him away at the lunch table. The teachers at the school look the other way and, at home he tells his parents that everything is great out of shame and embarrassment.

In talking with him he said: “I still hold the door open for the people that are so mean to me, but they are still so mean. I don’t get it.”

Bullying happens every single day, it’s disgusting. Not just in the act itself but in watching the act happen and looking the other way.

The truth is kids, teens, young adults and even older adults are bullied all the time, most of the time for no other reason than differences than people don’t understand them.

I’m here to say something to everyone being bullied: It’s not you; it’s them. Their inability to see your greatness is their shortcoming not yours. Their desire to live spreading darkness into the world will intensify the darkness in their own lives. You are beautiful and created for things beyond your comprehension.

We all have choices to make. One of those choices is how we treat people. And I’m telling you – how you treat people reflects more about you than it does about anyone else.

If you are being bullied. I want to hear your story. I want to hear from you. Fill our the form below or email me at caseyee90@gmail.com. I will personally respond to everyone to writes in.

You are worthy of dignity and respect.