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I stand for expression

Do you ever feel like you need a release? Do you have pent up emotion? Maybe feelings of freedom are just hard to come by in today’s world. Judgement or feelings of judgement all around…. The next time you get in your car turn on the radio, your pandora from your smart phone, your favorite CD or go really old school and use a tape, and sing. Just sing. It doesn’t matter if you know the words, or if you sing off key. Let the beet fill your stomach, then your lungs and your heart and belt out the word to your favorite song.

In life we’re under constant scrutiny: at work, at school, even at home sometimes. So go for a drive and free yourself from the eyes of the world and do something you don’t do in public. Sing. Be liberated. Be Free.

I did this today with my little brother Zach, who also happens to be one of my biggest inspirations in life. He’s the nicest person alive (I’m convinced) and people are better individuals for knowing him. Driving down the highway we belted out the lyrics to “I gotta feelin” and freed ourselves from the expectations of the world around us (after all we’re both rather lacking in musical talent.)

Be Free. You are worth it.