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[Gentlemen read at your own risk.]


Okay, so I love being a girl. I love makeup and cute clothes. I was raised in the dance studio, and I’m pretty much addicted to handbags. But come on, the period I could do without. Now, there are not many women I know who are excited when it’s their time-of-the-month, but when you combine that with disordered body image, an eating disorder (or history of one) AND mood issues you are creating a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes I’m like: “Seriously God? Really?! Am I not crazy enough???”

The ugly truth is I get depressed right before my period (not as bad now that my medication is correct, but nonetheless my mood dips lower than wanted). And every single time I call my mother upset, usually being overly dramatic thinking my medication has stopped working and the world is coming to an end.

My mother listens then quietly asks: “Are you about to start your period?” My response without fail: “STOP PUTTING MY EMOTIONS IN A BOX! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!!!”

The next day I feel regretful because I find out she was right, and I overlooked it….. again.

It happens to the best of us. If we want to try to make it beautiful and look on the bright side lets talk about babies and the miracle of life and the joy it is that God gave us the gift of reproduction.

…. I’m more leaning towards talking about surviving the few days of emotional turmoil, extra bodily discomfort, and heightened sense of annoyance that we women struggle to escape (as if the mountain we climb isn’t big enough).

In the world of recovery this would be the time to pull out your tool box [your list of things you do when you need extra support in your day].

If you don’t have a tool box make one.

Oh, and I have a mouthful waiting for anyone who says girls or weak or wimpy…

You don’t want to mess with a girl.