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The Balance
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey
I learned to balance at a very young age
For you had to balance on your toes to take on the stage
But controlling my stomach, my back, and my feet
Is far easier to balance than life here out on the street
It’s almost as if I have been programmed for extremeness in every way
From the games that I play, to what I desire to weigh all the way to how I bow down and pray
People call this black and white thinking the way that I live
They don’t seem to mind though, when it is to them that I give
I will admit I am all or nothing I all that I do
Which can work great for you
If you are on the side of the “all”
And the part with nothing is left out of sight down the hall
But I can do this no more; for this is bad for my core
Because my basic health is usually the part I ignore
So hear me say it loud and clear
And hold me accountable make me adhere
I am seeking balance of time for work and time for play
I see now that there is not only one way
I’m going to fight my tendency to be extreme and too much
By seeking health, joy, success, love and the such
I feel this battle is going to be a steep one to climb
But it seems like these battles are becoming part of my time
They always prove worth it in the end
And have usually helped me become my own friend
I Stand for Self-Respect