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In life we set our hearts on what we want, what we most desire. Sometimes, as our circumstances change those desires change. Below is a poem I wrote about my definition about victory changing. What is your victory today? Is it healthy? Think about it.

Sweet Victory
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

I think big
I reach for the moon
I stretch my imagination

Those things are exciting and fun
But I also like things that have an ‘end’ and can be ‘done’
I love to check things off my list
And double check to make sure nothing was missed

My journey to health, recovery, balance and life can’t look like that
For this is something that I will forever work at
The second I check something off my ‘list’ it pops up again times two
So ultimately this ‘list’ is impossible to get through

But rather I find sweet victory in the little things
Like feeling self love during the day
Or making time for yourself to relax and play
How about doing that one thing you’ve been trying to do
Or just making sure you take care of you

I still think big
I still reach for the moon
I still stretch my imagination

I just now realize that I can do those things in a new way
A way where I stay healthy and get through the day
And celebrate my moments of being me
And the time we’re together to be ‘we’

It’s strange because what was once so contradictory
Is now my sweet victory