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Trusting God can seem impossible sometimes.But I ask you: What other choice do we have?
If you know me, you know that I am a go-getter. I pursue what I want or what I believe I should. So, you could imagine that when life does not go as planned, it’s easy for me to lose hope. It’s easy for me to turn to God and say “Hey, um? Seriously?” The truth is though, that God’s plan is greater than ours… ALWAYS. It’s easy to Thank God when everything goes well, but what do we say when it all starts going on pot? Thank you seems hard. Am I right?
 I’m a woman of purpose. For me, my actions big and small need to be working for a mission or a purpose. And  reminding myself of that by going through all of what God has brought me though and taught me reminds me that I can trust him.
 It’s actually pretty great that all of that responsibility does not rest of me. The most I can do is my best in each moment that I am in. God will handle the rest.
 God has seen me through dark days of despair, sexual assault, family wounds, my eating disorder, finding and fighting for recovery, treatment of all kinds, k-12, college, relationship stress and those little moments in my past where I didn’t think I was going to make it. That is a history of Him being there for me. That is a history of him walking with me through the ups and the downs. Today, it reminds me that I can trust God.
 After all He is with me always.
P.S. He is with you too.