Never give up.
Really… ever?

It wasn’t too long ago I would have plastered this saying all over everything I owned (kinda). I used to believe that if I just try harder or keeping going or do something better than everything will be okay. But I’m here to tell you I was wrong. Sometimes it’s not up to us. Sometimes in our efforts to do more, we cause more problems and more pain. I took these words to mean: It’s in your control. YOU have to change it. It’s up to you. You don’t want to fail.

I screwed a lot of things up with this mindset.

Every time I thought someone was angry with me, I jumped in to fix it – sometimes making a tough situation worse, and I was just confused — after all I was never supposed to let anything go….. right?

Every time I didn’t get what I wanted, I blamed myself. “I must be bad.” “I must be wrong” “I must not be good enough” I mean how could it be anything but my fault I’m the one who can’t give up… the responsibility is on me.

There is so much in life we cannot control. There is so much that does not make sense. There is so much that hurts. And to say that in the face of all of that the ones who were successful kept going and the ones who were not gave up is wrong.

Perseverance is really important to success. Perseverance is really important to life. But sometimes we have to give up things to pursue other things. Other times we have to give up things to realize what is important to us.

I used to replay in my head over and over again “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.” As I did sit-ups in my room at night picturing what I wanted my body to look like and what I was not going to eat the next day. I’m really happy I gave that up. I needed to give that up to realize I wanted health.

So I’m going to amend the statement. Let’s not say “Never give up.” Let’s say “Never give in.”

Find what is good, what spreads light, what makes ‘you’ you, and DONT GIVE IN. sometimes we’re going to have to give up on certain things. Sometimes we’re going to have to change direction and we learn and grow. Sometimes we’re going to take a new approach. But Don’t give in to the darkness around you, that is in the world around us.

Never give up.

Never give in.