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I may be wrong but it seems to be that balance is really hard for people. I know its hard for me. I also know that balance is something that I must do in my recovery.

  1. Balance priorities with demands
    1. Priority – ranking of importance
    2. Demand – what someone else wants you to do
  2. Balance Wants and Shoulds
    1. Want – something you want to do (a desire)
    2. Should – an individuals belief about what is the right thing to do

In my most darkest days I lived in the land of “shoulds”

  • I should lose weight
  • I should have done better
  • I should be prettier
  • I should not be upset
  • I should have more friends
  • I should I should I should
  • I should not I should not I should not

I felt so much pressure to be anything but what I was, and the result was self destruction. The result was depression, self injury, eating disorders, isolation. I know that this “should thinking” was not the only factor – but it contributed.

So try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is most important? (priority)
  2. What is expected of me right now? (demands)
  3. What do I desire? (wants)
  4. What are my expectations (shoulds)

Try writing your answers out so that you can get an idea of the bigger picture. There is so much more to your life than  any one of those four things. They are all important and they all deserve attention. If we only pay attention to one or two parts we surely will fall off the balance beam.

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.