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Today I had the opportunity to teach a hip hop class to a group of boys and girls ages 6-10. We had so much fun. Being around children reminds me that there is joy in the unexpected, it’s okay to laugh at ourselves, and most importantly we should find the fun in life – every. single. day.

We started the class with stretches. “Can you touch your toes?” Each child eagerly willing to try, and show me what they could do. It was beautiful. When did we learn to stop trying new things? When did we learn to stop showing what we’ve mastered?

Today we taught these kids the “coffee-grinder” hip hop move. Do you know that one? Well it’s pretty old school, and a basic break dancing move for beginners. We broke the move down step by step so the children could follow. They worked so hard to master something so new to them. Sometimes they fell. Sometimes they did it wrong. Sometimes they got confused. But they ALL wanted to learn. It was so encouraging to see their determination. They WANTED to learn that move. (And they did!)

Finally, they are so free with their praise and compliments (as well as their open desire and need for love and attention). One child came up to me “I like your socks.” another one wanted me to see her every move. Children want you to know that they love you and they also want to feel appreciated. What is so beautiful is that they still wear that on their sleeve. They have yet to be told by the world to stop in words or experience.

I learned a lot from these beautiful children today as I was teaching them hip hop. They reminded me to be determined, to learn new things, to say how you feel, and to not be afraid.

We were all kids once. We just forget it sometimes.

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.