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ES 5I used to believe that I didn’t deserve to take care of myself. I didn’t deserve nice clothes, I didn’t deserve good food, I didn’t deserve to relax; quite honestly I didn’t feel like I deserved anything good. This was a result of my mental illness, what society had taught me, abuse and trauma and my perfectionism. I always told myself: “You can have all of that when…” (let’s face it, that when never came)

The truth is we all deserve to take care of ourselves.
The truth is taking care of ourselves is our top priority.

How can we do what we are called to go out into the world and do  if we don’t take care of ourselves?

How can we take care of others?

I worked really hard at neglecting myself because at the time it was easier. I was so afraid of facing the “worth issue” that it was easier to neglect myself. It became easier to harm rather than help myself.

Learning to take care of myself is an on-going process, but is was hardest at the beginning. I first had to find out what I even liked. Then I had to figure out how to put those things into my day.

But then it became something I loved.

Today do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a long time, pamper yourself a little, spend time working on a project your enjoy, listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV show.

You are worthy of your own time and effort. You are worthy of love.

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.