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Dear Dad,

First I love you. I know our relationship hasn’t always been the easiest. I know my mental illness has been hard on you as well as on me. I want you to know that I appreciate you. I appreciate the dollars and cents you’ve put into my recovery. I appreciate all the hundreds of phone calls you’ve taken. I appreciate the hours you’ve spent researching doctors and treatments. I appreciate it more than you know.

I know my illnesses have taken a toll on you. I know that while I was falling a part you had to be strong. I know that you had to keep going in ways that I probably will never understand. So thank you. Thank you for the hours, the investment, the time, the energy, thank you for it all. Most of all however, thank you for the love. 

I know at times I have yelled and cried, and screamed, and run, and pushed, and hid, and been in so much pain that love seemed impossible to understand or feel. But looking back and seeing what you’ve done for me. Seeing how you stayed through the emotional turmoil, you encouraged me to keep going, you inspired me to pursue what I’m good at, you challenged me to dream big. Through everything in my life you reminded me that I am smart and capable and have a bright future; that gave me hope.

We didn’t always see eye to eye. As my illness screwed with my head it caused turmoil at home too, but you never gave up on me. I am so grateful. I love you.

Here’s to you Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

I love you.

Your Second daughter


Mental illness is hard on the entire family.