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The world needs to catch up with preventative mental health planning. It’s so much cheaper than treatment.

First it’s time to recognize that every single human being on this earth has mental health and just like for physical health we must work for maintaining it, preventing disease, and promoting wellness actively to keep ourselves functioning the best possible ways we can.

Just like physical illness: sometimes it is caused by environmental factors and sometimes it just is, mental health works the same way. By taking an active role in developing and maintaing a personal mental health plan as you would a physical health plan there are mental health situations you could avoid.

If we neglect ourselves emotionally and mentally what would you assume the consequence would be?

This series on Where I Stand: Building YOUR mental health plan is designed to help you become more proactive in maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing.

I began developing my own personal mental health plan in my recovery process from my life threatening eating disorder. Then i realized just how applicable it was to the student body of James Madison University as I was a Student Mental Health Advocate there.

We all have mental health: let’s take care of it.

Next week we will cover what is needed to create your own mental health plan. Stay tuned.

10-week series:

  1. Why do I need a mental health plan?
  2. What do I need for my mental health plan?
  3. The Basics Part 1
  4. The Basics Part 2
  5. Treatment Tracking 101
  6. My tool box
  7. Resources Resources Resources
  8. Obstacles to come
  9. Making my Plan Customizable
  10. Adaptability