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Defining Strength
By: Erin
I used to believe
The strong were the ones who jumped the highest
Lost the most weight
Gained the most approval
Got the highest grades
And still held that perfect smile on their face
I was wrong
So incredibly wrong
I saw true strength the day my best friend told her mom on me
I see true strength each time I witness an honest and true apology
I saw true strength just the other day as my friend cried and said “I am not okay”
It takes true strength to be real, not just know the ‘right’ thing to say
I see true strength when people choose to build others up high
Rather than tear them down to make themselves feel important, cool or fly
Strength is in facing our fears
This sometimes means welcoming the tears
And not checking out with drugs or beers
Running from our fears, challenges, or problems is not strong
And to be honest you won’t be able to go for long
Good for you if
You can jump the highest
Lost the weight you wanted
Gained everyone’s approval
Got the highest grades
And maintained that perfect smile
That’s good for you
But true strength is found in doing things we don’t want to do
But know we have to
Because they make things better and right
For me and for you
Because you see this strength helps to turn on the light
And this gives everyone more power, strength and might