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Building YOUR Mental Health Plan: Week 2

What do I need for my mental health plan?

Building a mental health plan requires both information about yourself and some basic tools that you can find around your house or at your local store.

Below are the questions you should begin thinking about/answering in preparation for creating YOUR mental health plan.

  1. How much sleep do I get each night? How many hours of sleep do I need each night?
  2. What does my diet currently look like? What time of day do I eat? What types of food do I eat? This is an observation, NOT a judgment.
  3. Do I take regular medication? What times do I take those medication? What times am I supposed to take them?
  4. How much alcohol do I consume on a daily basis?
  5. What are my major stressors?
  6. How do I currently deal with that stress?
  7. What are 10 things I enjoy doing that are healthy?
  8. What are some unhealthy behaviors I would like to change?
  9. Who do I consider to be supports in my life? (include professional and personal)
  10. Who are unhealthy people in my life?

I recommend  observing your lifestyle for one week and answering the questions above. In answering those questions you will have information for which to begin basing your Mental Health Plan.

Now, materials you may want to gather or purchase for your mental health plan. I have personally found that putting all of my of my materials, papers, contact sheets, commitment forms, ideas and planning in a binder. I’ve done this so that I’ve had it available to me when I’ve needed it most. So, my suggestion would be to get the following (but feel free to add or subtract materials based on what you feel you might need or want)

  1. 1-inch binder
  2. dividers
  3. lined paper
  4. pens, pencils and/or markers
  5. highlighters
  6. sticky notes

Next monday I’ll post about the basics and we’ll cover an outline for a Mental Health Plan binder! Stay tuned, and stay healthy! You matter!

My name is Erin, and this is Where I Stand.