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Life is ALWAYS complicated.

For most of us we have more than just a few things going on. We are working or are in school, have multiple different types of relationships, have various goals and aspirations, and often times we have several needs and wants within a given day as well (and that does not even scratch the surface). 

I remember in the first two months of exploring treatment thinking: how is this going to fit into my life? I don’t even have time to do what I already do. Now, I have to expend tons of energy learning new ways or doing things. GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Thankfully I stuck with it.

The truth is, I was operating incredibly inefficiently when I was not well, and taking time and energy to spend on treatment and recovery gave me more time and more energy to spend on the things in life that I wanted to invest in; things like school, scrapbooking and my friendships.

When we look at our lives it is SO easy to come up with reasons we don’t need or want treatment right now.

  1. I don’t have enough time
  2. I don’t have enough money
  3. I’m going to wait until I finish _____
  4. I’m not ready because ___
  5. It’s not bad enough yet

The reality and answer to all of those questions though is this: YOU are worth every dollar in the world; YOU are worth every second in a day; YOUR time spent now will make for more effective and enjoyed time later; YOU are as ready as YOU decide to be and finally; Getting help doesn’t mean YOU are bad or YOU are sick; It means YOU are human.

Today make time for yourself and ask: What do I need? 

Maybe it’s more support. Maybe it’s time for yourself. Maybe you’re not sure. But you really will never know until you ask.

My name is Erin, and this is Where I Stand.