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If you are having a hard time sticking to your meal plan, need encouragement, or want to track moods and thoughts, try this free app! 

Through research and friends I have heard logging meals is almost always helpful but has its ups and downs.  But I have heard great things about this particular way.  No more pen and paper!  I suggest Recovery Record for those recovering from an eating disorder.  There are some awesome features such as:

1.  Meal planning, logging meals, and even alerts to log meals

2.  Track exercise and the intensity and duration of a workout

3.  Choose from a list of emotions of what you would like to track

4.  Every time you log a meal or snack it provides you with an inspirational quote and picture

5.  Link this to your clinicians so they can see an easy access and an accurate

There is a lot more to the app as well so explore more for yourself!

Thank you Jenna Tregarthen and Stuart for making this app!

Stay Strong,