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Committing to the MEDDSS Skill helps you to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. MEDDSS was on the first DBT skills that helped me to evaluate where I was in taking care of myself, and what I needed to do to take care of myself better.


*These are the things that I must do to maintain my mental, physical and emotional health. I (insert name) will commit to doing these things daily.


Mastery (Something I do well)

I (insert name) will do something that makes me feel accomplished or that I enjoy doing every single day.


  • Get something done
  • Practice Good Hygiene
  • Make sure my surroundings are clean
  • Do something I enjoy
    • An art project
    • Write
    • Spend time with a friend



I (insert name) will commit to a regular and healthy exercise routine that is agreed upon by me and my doctor(s).


  • 30 mins per day
    • 30 minutes of cardio/30 mins of strength and conditioning
    • Take one day off per week
    • Do not exercise when sick


Diet (Nutrition)

I (insert name) will commit to eating three adequate meals per day (along with any additional snacks, supplements or vitamins recommended by my doctor(s))


  • 3 meals per day
    • A meal constitutes as a serving of a main dish and one or two side dishes
      • Be honest about food


Drugs (Medication)

I (insert name) will take all my prescription medication as prescribed. I will also refrain from all substances that will interfere with my medication regimen. I agree to be honest with my doctor(s) about all side effects that may occur as well as any time I have an inability to follow my medication regimen.


  • Take all medication as prescribed.
  • Know what each of my medications is for, and what dose I am supposed to take.



I (insert name) will commit to finding out how many hours of sleep per night that my body needs. I will then commit to blocking out time for sleep and making it a priority. I acknowledge that both my mind and my body need adequate resting time for me to function at my best.


  • Sleep 9 to 10 hours per night
  • Track how well I sleep each day, and compare with moods


Spirituality/Self Care

I (insert name) am worthy or love and respect, because of that I will take time each day to connect with my faith and/or spend extra time working on appreciating who I am.
  • Spend time in prayer and meditation each day.
  • Ask God for advice first.
  • Thank God each and every day for everything you have.

Remember, before it is anyone else’s responsibility it is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself. YOU are worth the time, the energy and the investment.

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.