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1. Physical

Move your body – sports, exercise class, dancing, walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Set a goal for yourself to get exercise on a regular basis.

Give yourself something good to eat three times per day! To help your body get the proper nutrition it needs.

2. Mental/Emotional

Be accepting, kind, easy to forgive yourself. Ask yourself how would you treat a good friend you needed some tender love and care? Then treat yourself that way.

Have reasonable expectations. This doesn’t mean the end of motivation or working hard. The point is to stretch yourself, not to break yourself.

Invite people in your life to engage in multiple activities with. Get enough people in your life that don’t expect you to do all the work of keeping up the relationship.

Do a variety of things for fun and stimulation – some things that you can do alone and some things  that you can do with others.

3. Spiritual

Develop a practice that exercises your mind and soul – however you define that.

Find something that builds spirit and faith, allows you to explore your values and priorities, and contribute to the well being of others – daily prayer, meditation, attending services, bible study, etc.

Find something that is spiritual that can be done with joy and because you find strength in it – not out of obligation.

Is it selfish to take care of ourselves?