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Think about your friends then look at this list:
(best)Friends are for…
        1. Laughter
        2. Talking things through
        3. Sharing Tears
        4. Exciting moments
        5. Prayer
        6. Hanging out
        7. Breaking Bread
        8. Dancing
        9. Singing
        10. Encouragement
        11. Honesty
        12. More laughter
        13. Support
        14. Long phone conversations
        15. Ice Cream
        16. Love
        17. More talking
        18. Celebrations
        19. Change
        20. Writing Letters
        21. EVER

I used to feel like something was wrong with me. For some reason I always felt I didn’t have “enough” friends. I’m not sure what “enough” would have been, but I felt like I needed more. Like so many other “shoulds” I’ve placed on myself; the statement “I should have more friends” was once again a lie I was believing.

The thing about friends is: quality over quantity is ALWAYS true.

Maybe I considered myself a “loser” or “lame” or some other false and inaccurate description because I was comparing my insides to what I saw in the lives of others. I saw kids at school with what looked like tons of friends. They appeared crowed by friends constantly floating from group to group. Why didn’t I feel the way they looked?

Comparing your insides to other people’s outsides is NEVER good.

Now that you know how I felt: not good enough, uncool, lame, insufficient (the works) I want to share with you the kicker.

The friends that I do have are the most incredible, quality, amazing friends anyone could ask for. Maybe my lunch table was never swarming with kids. Maybe my birthday parties were never “off the hook.” But my best friends knew me. They stuck by my side. They helped me get help. They have talked for hours and hours with me in moments of heartache and pain. They have visited me in the hospital and celebrated my victories.

When it comes to friends Quality over Quantity is ALWAYS true.



P.S. There is nothing wrong with you, and YOU are worthy of GREAT friends!

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand.