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Where I Stand bloggers are individuals who have a passion for erasing the stigma associated with mental health and spreading hope and awareness through personal their education, knowledge and personal experience. Where I Stand welcome’s guest bloggers in the areas of: Mental Health Awareness, Recovering Planning, Bullying, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Substance Abuse, Recovery, Faith and Healing, Mental Health in k-12 Education, Women’s Mental Health, Depression, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Perspectives from the Mental Health Professionals, and College Mental Health. If you are interested in blogging for Where I Stand about one or more of these things please take a look at our Where I Stand’s Guest Blogging Guide: Where I Stand Guest Blogging 101. Then email us at whereistandblog@gmail.com.

Gest Blogger Rachel

Rachel Gribling

Current City: St. Andrews, Scotland UK

Topics: Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Born in Goppingen, Germany to US army parents, Rachel has always had an inherent desire to travel the world. Before high school, she has lived in 6 other locations around the world and within the US. Rachel is a postgraduate student at the University of St. Andrews studying international relations. She is a James Madison University alumna from the class of 2012 where she studied political science and Spanish. Currently living life as an American expat in Scotland, Rachel first fell in love with British culture when she became an exchange student at Oxford University in England. Her British obsession ultimately led her to studying in St. Andrews, Scotland where she plans to finish her masters degree. She hopes to find a job in consulting in Edinburgh or London where she can enjoy expat living.

Why Where I Stand?: I am passionate about helping other people fight and cope with mental illness. In 2009 during my sophomore year of college, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder which manifested itself through panic attacks, an eating disorder and depression. Like many college-aged women, I too have experienced the pain and fear of the unknown that is mental illness. The hardest part was hiding my anxiety from other people. I was constantly wearing a mask where I would try to appear “put together”, as if nothing was going wrong in my life when in reality, I was crying out for help on the inside. It wasn’t until one night where I found myself on the bathroom floor of my D.C. flat reading Jeremiah 29 when I heard Him speak to me, “This isn’t the life I have planned for you. I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you.” When I travelled for the first time to the UK, I was living out what I believed God had revealed to me – life can be beautiful and you can live a life full of joy. Through a renewed commitment to God, constant prayer, and support from family and friends, I have broken free from the chains of depression and anxiety. I’m conquering anxiety and depression by clinging to and relying on God daily. I’m still learning what it means to “be anxious for nothing” like it says in Philippians, but I am confident that God has brought me through the worst of my disorder and will continue to be my source of peace.  

Rachel’s interests: Travel, Politics, Cooking, Writing, Photography, Music, Yoga, Reading, Blogs

Where I Stand is thrilled to have Rachel as one of our guest bloggers! We all know that there is power in standing together!

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