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By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

Again I left my food on the shelf
Because I don’t feel like fighting today
I don’t feel like hating my insides in every way
I’m tired of fighting myself

But as my white flag went up
I felt failure — not relief from the pain
Everyone is hoping I keep fighting my brain
But you will see my exhaustion if you look close-up

Wars kill people, destroy families, are financially destructive which is not a game
My war is just the same
My friends have died, taken their lives to escape or lost them in fight
They left this darkness and headed home to the light
My family is burdened by stress, extra issues, and strained family ties
Partly because war requires recovery which leads to financial demise

So with every war, battle or fight
Someone is wrong and someone is right
But what do you do when your brain tells you both and
Conflicted and confused would be understated to grand

But when I think about this it helps me to see
Which side will truly help set other captives free
If darkness wins our world will continue to fill itself with false beauty
And protecting the vulnerable is a soldier’s main duty
Children deserve to grow up with parents that love not hate
And worry about grades and happiness more than appearance and weight

Wars are terrible things, hard fought, with tragic loss and pain
But it is a good fight for we are taking darkness and spreading light
It’s frustrating because we’re going to lose a battle or more
But in the end Jesus remember has already won this War