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Has anyone ever told you that?

Today has been a pretty exciting and all over the place day. I got two job offers: The first one: good starting salary, pretty easy and low-key. The second one: less money, harder work, but directly in line with one of my greatest passions – helping people develop  tools and skills that will carry them through life.

After getting both offers my brain quickly began to do some major cost-benfit analysis.

  • Money vs. Experience.
  • Basic 9-5 vs. nights and weekends
  • Easy (though possibly boring job) vs. Hard yet incredibly rewarding
  • Follow what might be the obvious choice vs. Do what my heart is telling me I should do

Over and over in my head I weighed my options. I began calling people, talking to my family members and friends (most people had a different opinion). Then my uncle said to me on the phone:

Follow your heart. It’s amazing how many people look back and wish they had followed a passion rather than monetary value.

So I took the job that will pay me less, have me working nights and weekends, will be incredibly difficult at times yet rewarding and the job that my heart was saying “this is it.”

I’m proud of my decision because, two years ago I would have made a different choice. I would have made the most “logical and financial” decision because that is what was expected of me. I would have stayed in Roanoke because it was easier, than moving (again). I would have allowed my fear of change to keep me from experiencing something new and different and exciting.

But not anymore. Today I followed my heart.

Now, let’s see where it takes me ❤

My name is Erin and I Stand for following your heart.