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By Erin Elizabeth Casey

I run from you
As fast as my legs will go
One two one two one two

Terrified as my heart beats fast
I attempt to make a deal with God
“Please don’t make me”
“I’ll be good”
“Give me this, just this… please”

Tears fall
Destructive thoughts intrude
Making me feel small

Stomach Sick
Chest tight
Panic makes my breath quick

A whispering voice lies on my ear
That only I can hear

“My precious child, I hold you tight – know in my will you are held upright,
You need not be afraid to lose what I have given you
For I will give you what you need each night
In life many things change and morph, all except that I’ll be with you through

Through the pain and sorrow
Through the fear and shame
Through the joy and laughter
Through the love and gain

It is true that you love me and I love you
And I am always here for you to turn to.”

My body relaxes as I rest in His arms
Knowing I’m safe tonight
And in the Lord I shall always find relief and light