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Bad Day Prayer
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

God sometimes my burden seems too big to bear
God sometimes my life seems too long to continue to live
God sometimes my pain seems too persuasive to persist
Those are my bad days

Those are the days when I need your Son the most
I need your Son to share my burden, my life, and my pain
I need your Son to remind me that it’s not about me
It’s not about my burden
It’s not about my life
It’s not about my pain

For on my bad days when I focus on You
I see the bigger picture
I see the goal to expand your kingdom and make this world new

But even with that sight I cannot ignore the pain
Pretending gets me nowhere
Except caught in more chains

So God my prayer for today and for all my bad days to come
Help me to focus on your one and only son
Perfect is something I will never become
But mold me, shape me, turn me and make me so that your work may be done

And finally God it is my truest hope
on the days when I don’t feel it
on the days when I don’t see it
on the days when I don’t understand it
I can read these simple words
Turn my face to You
And say to myself
“God I give today to You”