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wis-hand-a1Hope is a tough commodity, especially when you’re hurting or confused or scared or discouraged. Hope isn’t found in flippant or saccharine platitudes like, “Oh, things will get better,” or “You just have to try harder,” — or the awful “Just get over it.”

Real hope is something entirely different. It’s a lifeline. And few know that better than Erin Casey (’13).

For much of her life, Erin struggled with mental illness.  In her 23 years, she has experienced a lot — and it hasn’t all been fun. At times it’s been downright painful. But Erin has also learned to hope — and with that, she is determined to share what she’s learned by offering a platform and a means for others to find that same hope.

Let me tell you her story.

Erin Elizabeth Casey always wanted to be a dancer. As a four-year-old taking dance lessons, her dream seemed…

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