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inpiringothersIt seems like at least once a week I am faced with a question about disclosing or concealing my mental health concerns in the face of hindering future leadership possibility, jobs etc. Mental health is one of those things that because of the way that it is talked about, it can cause people to question your abilities to handle responsibility, emotional work, or whatever else they have perceptions about.

What I’ve realized though is that my mental health concerns and all of the recovery work I have had to do has made me a far better leader than I ever could have been had I not gone through that process.

It is in our own weaknesses that we learn to have compassion for other people. It is in our own falling down and getting back up that we learn perseverance and endurance. It is in our own fragility that we realize we are strong. It is in our own surrender and willing to follow that we learn how to lead. It is in our own realization that we cannot do much by ourselves that we learn to work with others. Finally it is only in our pure and honest desire to serve others do we learn to be leaders.

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand