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6084114789_792540703aFor me recently it’s been scanning my facebook newsfeed on Facebook; reading that so-and-so is engaged along with 2 of my friends from middle school, the guy I had a crush on in high school and the girl who sat behind me in 3rd grade. I mean come on, forget the ring and the dress and the life long commitment at this point; but where is my prince charming?

Maybe for you it’s something different. Maybe everyone around you seems to be getting their big break at work and moving up the corporate latter.  Maybe the people in your life (or in your social media life) are starting families and you are not there yet. Maybe you’ve been backtracking lately and you’re really struggling just to put one foot in front of the other.

Whatever it is….

…It’s OKAY.

I learned very early on in life that things work differently for everyone. I couldn’t read well until 3 or 4th grade (which if you put me on a timeline and compare me to “average” is really late). I’ve seen kids climb up a high dive and jump off the first time, while I climbed to the top of the latter that first time and stood there until the lifeguard bribed me to jump off. I wasn’t ready.

The point is, wishing something was different, or wishing that we ourselves were in a different place does not change anything; except add to the stress and the frustration and the emotional turmoil we experience.

I learned to read in due time. I also became a frequent high dive jumper when I was ready. The truth is we are all different and develop in different ways at different times. Accept yourself where you are today as being okay, and see what comes tomorrow.

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand.