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Call me Crazy
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

Go ahead; Call me crazy one more time
Or insane, incompetent, how about hopeless

I don’t care anymore about the names you give me
Because that has NOTHING to do with who I am
Or who I will be
Watch – you’ll see

You can label people all you want
But don’t for a second think you’re putting a meaning to me or them
But you are instead defining who you are
And your reputation won’t be for being kind, fun or even a rock star

I’m not perfect
I’m not crazy or insane or incompetent or hopeless either
And neither are they

So watch what you say
Maybe it fills some insecurity of your own
But if that’s the case, talk to someone
You’re not alone

So go ahead call me crazy one more time
It won’t matter because I know the truth
Those words aren’t about me at all
You say them to feel tall
Because you actually feel very small